We purposefully invest in relevant technology that makes growing and sustaining a business accessible to all

Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Thinking Frameworks

Artifical Intelligence

We focus on mature and proven branches of AI that deliver value

Natural Lanugage Processing

Enables us to understand written text. Used to analyse publicly available knowledge, and your own strategic inputs, so we can make valuable suggestions


We use Neural Networks and other deep learning technology to spot trends, gaps and other insights that humans often miss

Machine Learning

We actively learn what topics are relevant in different contexts and the nature of ideas which fit with your business profile

Bamboo Graph

Bamboo Graph is our "Big Data" knowledge base. We focus on interpretting unstructured textual data, such as research reports, news stories and knowledge articles

Millions of Articles

Graph contains millions of articles, and is growing rapidly. We read and understand article content. As we read new articles, we can raise new topics of interest to our clients saving them time, hassle and worry

Millions of Topics

We have knowledge of millions of business Topics. Our technology makes 'business judgements' on these Topics (e.g. are they disruptive, and to whom?), enabling us to spot gaps on our client's behalf


Using open sourced Meta Data, such as Wikidata, and the content of the articles we read, we know how Topics relate to each other. This enables us to flag up omissions in your Business Canvas, and perform advanced analysis and synthesis

Thinking Frameworks

We develop thinking frameworks, concepts and tools that overcome obstacles such as biases and blinkered thinking. They allow a team to work better together to generate new insights and purposeful action

The ability to consistently make an implement coherent decisions is an the heart of every successful organisation. Gut feel and luck may generate some wins, but Thinking Frameworks are essential to make this a organisation-wide capability

Our signature framework is VALUE, based on the following principles


An effective strategy must bring value to the key stakeholders of the business, such as customers, employees, shareholders


An effective strategy must include a defendable advantage in target markets


An effective strategy must deliberately nurture, leverage and exploit relevant capabilities to the maximum extent possible


An effective strategy must feature some clearly defined, communicated and understood points of uniqueness


An effective strategy must be executable, meaning that the organisation has or can attain the necessary resources and culture