Growing and sustaining a business is hard. Everyone needs help at some point. We make such advice simple, quick and low cost.

What We Do

We develop simple and effective decision-making frameworks

We build guided, easy-to-use platforms so anyone can leverage these frameworks by themselves

We use advanced technology, such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, to dramatically lower costs

We also use our platforms to support customised consulting engagements or ad-hoc assistance

Our Name

Bamboo: Simple. Sustainable. Rapidly growing. Characteristics that we help our clients achieve

Code: The secret formula in our frameworks and reflective of the technology we develop

Founding Beliefs

Want to know what makes us tick?

Relevant Technology

Technology is a means to an end. We only develop technology that makes sustaining and growing a business easier, simpler and cheaper

Client Talent

The role of a consultant--be it human or AI--is to help our clients build and leverage their own talent pool. No consultant should "tell" a client what to do to (or not do)


There was a time when was flying limited to the rich and famous. Then came along the low-cost model which meant "everyone can fly." The same should be true in the consulting world

Data and Confidentiality

Your data is yours. Pure and Simple.

  • All information you add or upload belongs to you, and we use it only to serve you.
  • We adopt industry leading enryption and other relevant technology to secure your data
  • You are our customer not a product; we never share (or even worse, sell) your data to others
  • We have a zero advertising policy, so you will never see adverts on our site nor will you ever see adverts 'chasing you' after using our platform
  • We do not promote the services of, nor receive any benefit from, 3rd parties. All suggestions and insights from Bamboozle are entirely based on his best judgement