Verb: to confuse, frustrate, or throw off thoroughly or completely

"Hi, I'm Bamboozle, the world's first Automated Business Consultant! Let me introduce myself:

  • I work 365x24, without complaints
  • I’ve got immediate access to a massive library
  • I keep up to date by reading 10k+ news and knowledge articles every day
  • I never forget anything
  • I’m great at spotting patterns so can make recommendations and observations
  • I’m a business design expert

Let me help you bamboozle your competitors."

World's Most Dedicated Consultant

Bamboozle is the world's first Automated Business Consultant. He embodies our Artificial Intelligence and Big Data capabilities. His job is to help you out-think and out-compete your competitors. He makes sustaining and growing a business easy and accessible to all

Unlike regular consultants, Bamboozle works tirelessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And, of course, we can clone him as many times as we like!

He is equipped with the capability to understand your business and then prioritise insights and ideas that will make the difference to your organisation

He can spot gaps in your thinking, suggest new ideas, analyse your business and ask questions that generate clarity and focus

He also plays the role of facilitor within our Bamboo X platform, making sure you get quickly get actionable ideas to sustain and grow your business


About Bamboozle

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How Bamboozle Helps

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